I’m Lauren. Here’s a formal-ish bit about me.

I’m a northern writer from (and based in) Newcastle upon Tyne. Currently my work is concerned with explorations of female desire, sexuality and the body. You can read my latest essay about tattoos and loss on The Real Story. 

Until recently I worked in a marketing job where I’d discuss niche business software and say things like ‘let’s drill down on that’ without really knowing what it meant. But then I took the decision to go freelance. Now I write and I run creative writing workshops for young people and community groups.

I have an MA in Contemporary Film and Literature from Newcastle Uni. The year I graduated, I was awarded the ‘Best Young Writer’ Award and nominated in the ‘Best Writer’ category at the Blog North Awards. Since then I’ve been selected for the Channel 4 Random Acts Development programme and the Latimer x BBC Three Talent Scheme. In 2016, I was the recipient of the New Writing North Young Writers’ Talent Fund. My play, Trashed, was recently included on the Pint-Sized Playwriting Longlist for 2018. I’m currently in the process of developing a script with Film Hub North and BFI through their Script Lab.

I’m a producer at Papaya Press, an award-winning project which brings together northern artists and writers to explore the space between art and literature. We run fun arts workshops and host events. In the past we’ve worked with The Laing, The Late Shows, New Writing North and Durham Book Festival. Our last event was co-hosted with The Grapevine Zine in London at the Peckham Pelican.

You can contact me via email at laurenmaryvevers@gmail.com.

I have a Tiny Letter where I write poorly formatted emails about theatre and film and feelings.

I’m also on Instagram and Twitter.